translated from Spanish: Fernandez criticized those who compared Villa Azul to Warsaw’s Ghetto

The president of the nation, Alberto Fernández, defended on Friday the mandatory quarantine that governs mainly in the Metropolitan region of Buenos Aires, after a march on Monday to demand that it be raised in addition to criticisms poured from different means.

“I hear from very prepared people who say that the Blue Quarter is the Warsaw Ghetto. How can you say these things?” complains Fernandez referring to the phrase of Juan José Sebreli pronounced in TN. Over the weeks, quarantine was objected to from different opposition and media spaces. In the face of that, the representative replied, “I have no problems, it doesn’t take away my sleep either, but I feel sorry for things being misrepresented.” 

The pandemic allowed us to know what is essential and who suffers the most. Now we have a chance to take care of those people. To build a better society, we must ensure everyone’s access to education, health and also water.— Alberto Fernández (@alferdez)
May 29, 2020

The president criticized these voices because “there are 24 governors who work and we all row for the same side” that he countered with “the tweety policy, the trolls who mistreat, wears down.” Those last, Fernandez said they are “the worst people I like,” while also adding to that list “the absolute thoughts that say: these guys take us to Venezuela.”

On the case of Villa Azul, encovered by a massive contagion, the president put it as the “clearest example of injustice.” “When you test those who live on the side of Avellaneda, the contagions are minimal and the other is many,” Fernandez said.

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