translated from Spanish: Luxury groups in Los Barrios football

The first edition of the traditional Torneo de Futbol de los Barrios was played in 1974 and because of the difficult health situation that the country lives and after 45 years of being played steadily, the company EL DEBATE was in need of suspending this year.’ This contest is considered one of the most important amateur futss in Sinaloa, because it is the only one that affords to have up to 400 teams from the Chupones category to the Superveteranos and adds a state tournament of pure champions. In that long pilgrimage of Los Barrios, a project that was initiated by the incomparable sports promoter and to which we had a great affection and respect, the great professor Jesús «Chuchuy» Acosta Barrera (qepd), great life stories, interesting details and anecdotes have been woven that would serve even to write a good book. One of those striking points that were given in the first edition that was played in 1974 is that Prof. Chuchuy Acosta had the right idea of placing the six groups of the children’s category, the names of the footballers who at that time were the horses of the First Force league.For example, group one was baptized with the name of Félix Torres (qepd) an entire symbol of Tierra Blanca football.The two , four and six were called, Benjamín Iriarte «Chivas» Fárber, José Luis «Ardilla» Bracamontes and Rodolfo «Popo» Ruiz Cortez and the three played with the UAS. Ruiz even came from being crowned king of the goal with the college boys with 24 goals. Platoon three bore the name of Lieutenant Gilberto Limón (qepd) played for the Ninth Military Zone and group five, Academy «Gilón» Gil (qepd) member of the Extra Crown.Without a doubt, they were luxury groups in the first childhood season of Los Barrios, because his sponsors were players who were at their best football level, which is why their presence provoked full in the university stadium , every time a first-strength match was played in the 70s.It must be added that the painting of Cortinas Norita was proclaimed champion in the child and in a photo that we were brought, in it appears still very morrillo Julio César Chávez González, who years later became one of the best boxers in the world. PURAS MERMAS. The Blue Cross on the sporting level has experienced tremendous misfortunes and is now being charged a heavier at extracancha level, after its owners, brothers Guillermo and Alfredo Alvarez, are accused of being involved in organized crime. So badly the picture for the Sky Machine that even bank accounts were canceled by the Ministry of Finance and if they find them guilty, it is said that the MX League, according to its regulations could defy them. What a sadness that a club of the so-called greats of Mexican football makes its thousands of followers suffer in such a cruel way. REFLEXION: Every head is a world and in the world of many, there is no intelligent life.

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