translated from Spanish: Deputy Ilabaca for critical infrastructure project: «is the recognition of the failure of the care of public order»

The Socialist MP Marcos Ilabaca, who is a member of the Committee on the Constitution, legislation, and Justice of the Chamber of Deputies, did not hesitate to say that this instance approved, on Thursday, a «very bad project», referring to the initiative of the Executive that regulates alertness to prevent damage to critical infrastructure, because in the opinion of the legislator, it «does not agree with what Chile is living today».
For reasons of contingency and substance of the initiative, MPs PS noted that «I reject each of the indications of the Executive’s project, because this initiative is the express recognition of the failure of the care of public order by this Government».
«What the Government said today, through the Minister of Defence, with the approval of this project, is that the police have not been able to face the care of public order. Therefore, we need to have an intermediate instance between the constitutional state of emergency and the current order of things, so that the President of the Republic can take the military to the streets», to which Ilabaca objected,
In the content of the Government’s original project, the Socialist Parliament warns that various proposals were also included that seemed «frankly unbelievable». For example, where the places understood as critical infrastructure would include where the Executive, the Chamber of Deputies and the Judiciary operate.
«The truth is that it is incredible that in the midst of a pandemic, the Government is insisting on a very bad project, which ultimately does not solve the underlying problem, which is nothing but to improve the quality of the work that the police are currently developing. So with this draft approved by the Committee on the Constitution, with my vote against it, the failure of public order by this Government is evident,» concluded Mr PS Marcos Ilabaca

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