translated from Spanish: Strengthening Citizen Participation, next step in Congress: Fermín Bernabé

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement, Mr Fermín Bernabé Bahena advanced that the work of the Committee on Electoral Affairs and Citizen Participation will focus on strengthening and improving the Law on Mechanisms of Citizen Participation of the State.
Setting out the work of the Commission at the Michoacán Congress, the legislator in Morena noted that, among the main issues to be addressed, they highlight: revocation of mandate, participatory budgets and the regulation of citizen observatories.
“In the Electoral Affairs Committee, we are clear about the importance of working on strengthening and promoting citizen participation in the entity’s public determinations and, under that premise, we update Michoacán’s electoral regulatory framework for the 2021 elections. Now it’s time to work on the Citizen Participation Mechanisms Act,” he said.
On the basis of this legislative route, he reiterated that, together with his colleagues in the Commission, he would ensure that michoacans participate in local political scaffolding, highlighting the importance of the consideration of the revocation of mandate, a mechanism that will allow the removal of any official or official who fails to fulfil in his duty to serve the public as a priority.
Added to this are participatory budgets, which aim to give citizens access to a certain percentage of the state budget for the care of their main needs and demands.
“As I have already said, those of us who are part of the Committee on Electoral Affairs and Citizen Participation will continue to work on a permanent basis, under the health considerations that demand the status of this contingency,” he concluded.

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