translated from Spanish: Barbosa says missing women are found with boyfriend

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, minimized the issue of missing persons in his entity by ensuring that many of them appear days after the report or are women who were with their boyfriends.
At a news conference, Barbosa noted that people are sometimes alarmed by losing contact with a family member for one or three days and report missing, when it is only a voluntary absence.
Without giving figures, the representative accepted that there are cases of disappearance that are real, but that the percentage is minimal.
“There have been cases where ministerial police have found people declared missing with their boyfriend somewhere in Puebla, and while they were already on the missing persons’ register,” she said.
Barbosa rebuked that sometimes relatives who pick up a report do not go to the authorities to report that the person has already appeared. 
He said search protocols work as required by law in the state and invited reporters to request case files or visit missing persons’ homes to let how many of them appear.
This is not the first time the governor of Puebla has questioned the issue of missing persons.
A few days ago, Barbosa responded bluntly to a reporter who questioned him about the 166 women missing at the entity until last January.
“Do you know how many already showed up? Do you know? No? Then find out and then ask questions,” the governor replied.
When questioned about Barbosa’s attitude, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador merely said that it is a subject that belongs to everyone.
“That’s not right, but that’s up to everyone,” the representative said at this Wednesday’s morning conference and then change the subject.
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