translated from Spanish: House dispatched project banning suspension of basic pandemic services

With 138 votes in favour and 13 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday dispatched the report of the joint committee prohibiting the suspension of basic services for non-payment, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the country.
Specifically, the project provides that during the 90 days following the publication of this law, healthcare providers, electricity distribution companies and cooperatives and network gas distribution companies may not cut off the delinquent supply in payment to: residential users; hospitals and health centres; prisons; children’s homes at social risk, abandonment or criminal commitment; long-stay establishments for older adults; firefighters; non-profit organizations and micro-enterprises.
Information from the Chamber of Deputies further notes that in the same period of time, the rules allowing interest to be applied for arrears and the suspension of services are suspended.
To access the benefits of this law, customers must comply with at least one of the following provisions: being within 60% vulnerability, in accordance with the Social Register of Households; be an older adult; be receiving cessation insurance; be subject to the Employment Protection Act and be a freelancer and express, by simple affidavit, that you are being affected by a significant decrease in income.

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