translated from Spanish: Tesla stock grows and is almost worth Toyota

Tesla’s shares have skyrocketed in recent months, and in this way Elon Musk’s company becomes the second most valued manufacturer in the world escorting Toyota.The shares of the Californian electric car manufacturer already exceed $1,000 per share. So far in 2020, 145% have been revalued and its market capitalization reached $190 billion. In this way, Elon Musk’s company narrows the gap with Toyota in recent months at a breakneck pace and only separates about $20 billion.

The jump that Tesla took on Wednesday came after an elon Musk announcement to the company’s employees, announcing that they would start production of their electric truck at a volume rate. The Tesla Semi, officially introduced in 2017, promises a range of 800 kilometers, with full charge and at a cruising speed of 105 km/h.In addition, Musk ratified in his message that the truck engine, its batteries and most components will be manufactured within the United States.So far, the production of this truck was limited to very few units, more thought of the evolution and development of the model than for sale to the particular. The other reason for Tesla’s good stock present is due to the weather in the numbers in China in May. According to the China Passenger Vehicle Association, last month Tesla sold 11,095 of its Model 3s, up from the less than 4,000 it marketed in April, even with the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the Asian giant. According to the Wedbush Securities report, Tesla’s market penetration in China is equivalent to $300 per share, «with significant progress over the next 12 to 18 months in a standardized environment.»

The specials estimate that in an upland climate the stock can go up to $1,350. This would give Musk the opportunity to advance lockers on the list of the richest men in the world. Right now it ranks 31st, according to Forbes, with more than $24 billion to his credit.
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