translated from Spanish: Goes AMLO against INE, Cofece, Sipinna and CRE: ‘they don’t work, just simulate’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday expanded the list of autonomous government agencies he criticized for «doing nothing» and placing a very large bureaucratic burden on the Mexican state.
If last week, on June 17, the representative’s criticisms focused on the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred) – the holder of which was asked to resign a day later – on Monday AMLO focused much of the criticism on the National Electoral Institute (INE), which he accused of being «the most expensive election organization apparatus in the world», without this serving to guarantee free elections in the country.
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«We succeeded because it was a wave, it was impossible to make a fraud. But in the previous elections, the INE allowed it,» accused the representative, who even said that the Electoral Institute is the «clearest example» of agencies «that did nothing, that people don’t know, and that they were created to simulate and turn a blind eye.»
López Obrador also assured that he will be «guardian of elections», although he qualified that as a citizen.
«I know there’s inE, I’m not going to get involved in that. But I am obliged to report whether there are attempts at fraud, like any citizen,» he said.
«This is not interference in the INE, nor in the TRIFE,» he added. It’s just saying, ‘How are you going to deliver a record if it didn’t comply?’ ‘How can you not realize that the campaign stops have already been exceeded and you’re not going to say anything.'»
In addition to the INE and the Conapred, on Monday López Obrador handed out criticisms to other bodies such as the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) and the National Child Protection System (Sipinna).
«I heard about another organism, the defense of the child (Sipinna). Well, then what is the DIF for?» asked AMLO, who also threw a public dart at the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).
«And the same in the energy sector. There’s the famous CRE (Energy Regulatory Commission), with up to 500 public employees. And just like that there’s five or six more. And the managers, the directors, the top ones, they make 100 or 120 thousand pesos a month. And that now, because no one can win above the president. But then I ask: what is the Energy Secretariat for? What about the Federal Electricity Commission?»
López Obrador noted that his Government will «readjust structures» so that «there are no duplications», since, he said, there are functions that perform autonomous bodies, such as the Conapred, that can be absorbed by secretariats such as the Governorate (Segob).
«This of the Institute against Discrimination (Conapred), for example, that it is actually fought, that it is not simulated, and that it does not cost so much. This can be handled by the Segob, the undersecretariat for human rights. This is how the purpose is accomplished and we save resources. Why so many directions?» the president asked again.
«Let’s do an exercise to save, » he emphasized. «And they’re going to say that we’re not going to protect those who are discriminated against, or children, but we’re going to clarify, little by little, the functioning of the new government from a new reality.»
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