translated from Spanish: On Thursday Fernandez announced the new quarantine restrictions in AMBA

Alberto Fernández announced on Thursday the conditions of compulsory isolation from June 29 at the AMBA, where there is expected to be a tightening of insulation measures. This day is expected to hold a new meeting between the national representative, the head of government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Governor of Bonaerense, Axel Kicillof. 

On Tuesday, Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero said that «alternatives are all at the top of the table,» and expanded: «They have to be brought to the political definition table, which will be on Thursday I calculate, for the highest authorities to make a decision.» In recent hours, since the administration of buenos Aires allowed to transcend the possibility of greater restrictions on isolation, as a result of the increase in cases. 

After a meeting with @Kicillofok and @diegosantilli, and observing the growth of contagion from the increased circulation in the AMBA, we have decided that from 0:00 on Friday only people working in essential areas can circulate on public transport.— Alberto Fernández (@alferdez)
June 18, 2020

Rodríguez Larreta stated that «if the situation remains complex» in terms of the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, it will «necessarily imply a greater restriction» in the AMBA.» It might be very useful to stop a little bit, because there is a lot of circulation. We are fine, but we can be very complicated if the progress takes on an exponential pace,» said Health Minister Ginés González García.

In the interior of the country, many provinces that had progressed to phase 5 decided to go back and restrict mobility to evacuate the possibility of transmission of the virus.

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