translated from Spanish: Danessa Ice Cream 33 returns and seeks to open 15 stores

Mexico.- The Mexican company Helados Vida, which is dedicated to the sale of artisan ice cream, after seven years of waiting took over the Danish ice cream brand 33 and will open ice cream shops that brought its customers back to the eighties, decade in which this product gained popularity.

“Our direct competition would be Santa Clara, who have a bit of a cafeteria and ice cream where people can sit, we don’t have much competition, so we get attractive, we thought we could have 1.5 to 2 percent of the market once we enter,” Mauricio Nájera, president of the Life Ice Cream Group, said in interview.

Remembering what the danish 33 branches were like (a ball of flavor).
Did you visit any?
— Urban Memorabilia (@Memorabilia_Urb) June 25, 2020

The strategy to captivate consumers will focus on returning the brand image of the 80s in the blue and yellow tones, where they even contemplate serving in football helmets as in that era.

“We already have a project that we have not stopped, start with 15 branches, with retro environment of the 80s, starting in Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and we do not rule out the southeast. Because of the pandemic situation, we are likely to open until February 2021,” Nájera said.

Ice Cream Life was created ten years ago by a group of friends, who used to engage in the operation of restaurants; on a board came the idea of creating a café or restaurant that reminded them of the time of the eighties so they focused their gaze on the Danish ice creams that were very popular when sold in football helmets.
The first step they took was to go to the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI) to know the situation of the brand, since they allegedly could not use it because it was a nestle brand.
They had to go with notaries because Nestlé argued that they were sold in restaurants and shops, but Ice Cream Life was able to check after 7 years of litigation in various instances, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation decided to leave firm the judgment ordering the expiration of the danish trade mark registration 33, thus losing the rights to it.
In all that time that was in litigation Ice Cream Life dedicated itself to improving the recipes in a home way to wait for the brand to be held and to launch their business plan.

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