translated from Spanish: Audios prove there was bribe to free Mochomo: FGR

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) claimed to have evidence of an alleged millionaire bribe that received a trial in the State of Mexico to free José Angel Casarrubias Salgado, the Mochomo, alleged leader of Guerreros Unidos and noted for the disappearance of the 43 normalist students of Ayotzinapa.
This, after the Second District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings decreed his release by denying the value of evidence that was presented and that was admitted in 2014. 
For this reason the FGR noted that the evidence «was valid in the system in force at the time», noting that in the federal court they decided not to review 21 evidence against the Mochomo, so it appealed the decision.
«The Sub-Prosecution Specialized in Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO), under the FGR, has authorized by a competent judge, interventions that point to bribery (bribery) by several million pesos made by various individuals close to the accused, personnel of the referrer, to decree the freedom of that person,» the Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. 
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He also explained that for these interventions, «along with other legal reasons», the mochomo’ roots were obtained, who was arrested on June 24 in the municipality of Metepec, State of Mexico, «where he had been located after living for several years, hidden in different mountainous areas of the country». 
The FGR said it will seek to seek a new arrest warrant against the alleged criminal leader for facts other than the charge of organized crime that had been made to him.
On July 2, the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF) launched an investigation into the Second District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico for possible acts of corruption. 
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