translated from Spanish: Create various solutions to avoid getting the coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the country’s biggest challenges today and in the coming months the challenge is to improve the consumer experience in different industries in the country.
Within the new scenario we face, we will see great changes in the way we interact within spaces such as supermarkets, shops, banks, transport apps.
One of the questions when it comes to reducing contagion is how to isolate people who work in a common space. Among the solutions, the Screens are available, which are ideal for safer and hygienized group spaces, which help the interpersonal protection of workers from different industries.
“For example, if two or more people live in an office, they can work in isolation without problems, this because it is a Polycarbonate product with excellent insulation and adaptable to the user space. There are several measures for different uses and modulations. In addition, they are easy to clean and disinfect,” says Ricardo Merino, general manager of DVP Chile, a company that has been developing various alternatives in recent months to prevent coronavirus contagion.
Another alternative is car health shields designed ideally for vehicles specialized in passenger transport. These function as an interpersonal protective barrier, which is very simple to install without the need to intervene the car. In addition, cleaning is very easy, managing to deliver better safety and tranquility tools to passengers.
For companies that serve public, there are acrylic interpersonal separators mainly for use in mesons or desks. Express Shields function as a protective barrier between two or more people, becoming the ideal choice for areas of public care such as warehouses, commercial premises and hospitals.
And if you need facial isolation that completely covers eyes, nose and mouth, facial protectors are the best choice. Apart from being light and easy to clean, they are safe and ideal for use in areas of public service. In fact, the company launched the “We care for us” campaign by providing face protection shields for various care centers, roof volunteers, from the Food Network, to people who simply can’t work from home.
“In order to foster the concept of giving hands back to all people who have had to continue working despite the pandemic, we launched this campaign seeking to be part of the solution, transforming and reinventing our work to protect those who contribute despite the pandemic, giving them facial protection shields and other security measures to control contagion” Concludes.

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