translated from Spanish: Member of Morena is upset because she is being given initiative that is already in the Olympic Law

Morelia, Michoacán. – The local Member of Morena, Sandra Luz Valencia, starred in a sterile discussion after the Substantive and Gender Equality Commissions, and the Justice Committees presented an opinion to dismiss her initiative on digital sexual violence, this because the approved Olimpia Law already includes the issue.
The legislator of the Congress of Michoacán, she enlisted in pleading with the presidents of the aforementioned Commissions, Lucila Martínez Manríquez and Antonio Salas Valencia, resumed an aging meeting with the baker Escar Escobar Ledesma and if that was not enough, she did not hide her disdain towards the feminist activist Olimpia Coral Melo, who referred to as «the lady».
The presidents of the Committees who delivered the opinion tried to explain to the congresswoman that her initiative was no longer right to be, because the Olympic Law – passed since December – provides in the Penal Code for punishment against anyone who disseminates sexual images without consent, a proposal that Sandra Luz was shouting and disqualifying.

She also accused Governor Silvano Aureoles of «sponsoring» Olympia Coral, because it is to be remembered that it was the Executive Branch who sent the initiative to the Local Congress, a law that Salas Valencia reminded the Deputy, she voted in favour in plenary.
She ended up arguing again with the PAN, Escar Escobar Ledesma, as the deputy before the Mulnist had presented a similar initiative on sexting; on that occasion he accused her of plagiarism and little creativity in presenting reform proposals. «I have no need to shoot such a poor job,» Sandra Luz replied remarkably upset.
Finally, the opinion was adopted with 24 votes in favour and 6 against, the Initiative of Morena was scrapped and its long discussion was completely in vain.

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