translated from Spanish: Cristina Kirchner advised in love a girl in love with a macrist

Imagine having a love story with a macrist and that the one who advises you about it is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner herself. Utopian, isn’t it? Well, that’s the same June 29th last year. This is what podcaster Celeste Giardinelli commented on a thread on Twitter celebrating the anniversary of the fact.” Play for a little while to forget about any fanaticism and/or contempt for the person in question,” she said. “This story is just cute. Just enjoy it.”

This week marked one year of the day I met the current Vice President of the nation… AND I TOLD HIM A LOVE SITUATION OF MINE — Celeste (@GiardinelliC)
July 3, 2020

Celeste and her parents, originally from Chaco, were there after a year living in the United States. Chance came when, a month after landing in Argentina, the current vice president traveled to Chaco to present her book “Sinceramente”. After the event, Celeste found CFK alone and taking cooked matte. There, he approached her, confirmed that it was her and said, “It’s my time to ventilate.” Obviously, asking him if he gave him permission to do so, Celeste answered the love story that linked him to a young macrist.

Me: Can I tell you something?
Her: Yes, of course. Would you like some tea? ((offered me tea!!!))
Me: No, thank you! Well, I like a macrist. Can I tell you the story?
She: Ha! Come on, sit down!! “If there’s one thing I know about the vice, she likes love stories as much as I do.- — Celeste (@GiardinelliC)
July 3, 2020

“If there’s one thing I know about the vice, it’s that he likes love stories as much as I do,” he said in his tweet.” I spent several minutes telling him how I met the young porteño while living in another country; asked for her name and what she was doing, I replied and added that at the time she flew from Ezeiza to meet me in person,” she summed up. The impressive comes when CFK herself asks to see the boy in question, but: “Since I had no battery, he pulled out his cell phone and we started stalking him on Instagram.” After counting additional details, Celeste asked him the key question: “Should I care about the policy in this relationship?”
“But no! If there’s love, what does politics matter? You give him forward!” said Cristina.

Afterwards, they took a picture and said goodbye with a hug. A few days ago, they met again… but via Twitter. The viralization of Celeste’s thread was such that it reached the vice president.
Quoting the tweet with an emoji of the classic red heart, CFK was found, virtually, with Celeste and her peculiar anecdote.What did you think of the story? For you, does politics matter to love?

Original source in Spanish

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