translated from Spanish: Health Minister said Covid-19 deaths «not 10 grand»

Enrique Paris asked to consider only the confirmed deceased who reported yesterday by the Epidemiological Report, which saw 7,057 deaths with PCR and 3,102 probable cases. He said the authority recognizes the difference of more than 600 deaths with confirmed cases released today, but that the 3,000 suspects are «probable cases.»

Enrique Paris, Minister of Health, referred this day, during the delivery of the daily balance sheet, to the figures released in the latest Epidemiological Report prepared by the DEIS, which stood at 7,057 cases confirmed by PCR and in 3,102 of the deaths suspected by the disease.
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Paris said that, the confirmed cases are 7 thousand and therefore that is the number of deaths by Covid-19 in the country according to the DEIS. «It’s not ten thousand, the total figure, as you say, is those who aren’t confirmed by coronavirus.»
The Health Minister said that the 7,057 deaths confirmed by the Epidemiological Report have a difference of 673 cases from the balance delivered today «and it is those cases that we have to look for if they are related to coronavirus and are going to be analyzed day by day.»
«Let’s not confuse public opinion, it’s 7 thousand and we recognize the difference. The others are probable cases,» Paris said.
As to whether the report delivered by the DEIS is more accurate than the daily balance sheet, Paris said that those who hold that idea are probably correct, because the Epidemiological Report considers various variables, which are not considered in the report.

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