translated from Spanish: Strengthen teacher training, challenge at the New Mexican School

Celic Mendoza
Morelia, Michoacán.- With the participation of 600 graduates from the different institutions forming teachers the Secretariat of Education in the State (SEE), she made the webinar entitled «Normalism vs. the New Mexican School».
In this context, the Secretary of Education in the State (SEE), Héctor Ayala Morales, assured that with training and updating exercises like this, spaces and opportunities are generated that favor the training of teachers with the new challenges involved in the New Mexican School (NEM).

«The powers indicated by the internal regulations of the Public Administration in the State of Michoacán are clear, and in them, as the obligation of the Secretariat are to grant training and, as teachers, to enforce the current curriculum and curriculum, the New Mexican School, as well as to achieve the certification of all our students, that no one is left behind , that no one stays out,» he said.

It should be noted that this initiative promoted by the State Directorate of Continuous Training Updating and Professional Development of Teachers and the Undersecretariat of Higher and Higher Middle Education of the SEE, is an important action with which it seeks to provide greater opportunities for recent graduates.

This, because teachers’ training institutions annually graduate an average of 980 students from normal schools, 900 from the Michoacano Institute of Education Sciences (IMCED) and 2,000 students from the National Pedagogical University (UPN), so normal curriculum and curricula have focused efforts on knowledge of theory and practice as factors of social change.

This tutorial featured the participation of the holder of the General Directorate of Higher Education for Educational Professionals (DGESPE), Mario Chávez Campos, as well as Dr. Patricia Serna González, who gave a lecture entitled «The Teacher of the XXI Century and his teaching practice in the New Mexican School», which is part of the beginning of the activities of the course «Induction to the teaching function of the new Mexican school» senior students in state normals and which aims to improve the knowledge and competencies of teachers in education.

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