translated from Spanish: «It’s not about shutting up to the world,» AMLO says of the T-MEC

In a message this Saturday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the purpose of the T-MEC is to strengthen and unite North America, «not to shut down the world.
Through a video disseminated on social media, the president said that this new treaty will stimulate job creation, strengthen companies in Mexico, Canada and the United States, and take advantage of the comparative advantages available.
According to the president, this treaty also includes the labour and wage issue, so there will be improvements in these two areas for workers. 
«The agreement was reached to be overseeing the no exploitation of Mexican labour and democracy in the unions,» he explained.
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«Nice place to stay»
On his meeting with President Donald Trump, AMLO said the visit was good and successful. He thanked the US representative for his respectful treatment and said there had been a good relationship with him.
«We by geopolitics, by neighborhood, we have to seek to understand America, not fight. The polite doesn’t take away the brave. Mexico is not a colony, it is not a protectorate. It is a free, independent, sovereign country,» he said.

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