translated from Spanish: Van Rysselberghe expects UDI parliamentarians to “behave” in official position agree

UDI President Jacqueline van Rysselberghe referred to the meeting she held with Piñera in La Moneda, amid the break in Chile Vamos due to the discussion of the project that seeks to allow members to withdraw 10% of their pension funds to cope with the economic effects of the pandemic. The success of the project’s votes of officialism caused a break in the coalition.
“We understand that the country is going through a difficult time,” the senator said, noting that the government is not at its best. “Coalition parties are going through tough times and we UDI are going to do everything in our power to live up to the circumstances,” the senator said.
“We all have to improve, and to get ahead we need a new and better deal,” he added.
The official helmsman said that they had heard proposals and put forward proposals to the President. “Chile needs greatness to move forward,” he added.
Regarding the appointment with the Representative, Van Rysselberghe stated that today’s conversation “had much more to do with a forward position, how we can work to be able to get the best out of all of us and be able to generate the conditions for Chileans who are having a hard time today to endure this crisis in the best possible way.”
The union said the party has “a critical view” of decisions that the government, the coalition and the party itself has made, but stressed that “we understand that we are a coalition of government and have a responsibility to be able to move forward.”
Consulted by the role of Interior incumbent Gonzalo Blumel, the party’s helmsman, stressed that — and it is not usually the style of the UDI, Van Rysselberghe said – “we have never requested resignations from ministers, that is a faculty that the President has”.
“Conviction needs courage, and those two things we believe have to be embodied in the actions that are taken forward,” concluded the president of the UDI after the meeting in which the former party helmsman Juan Antonio Coloma, Patricio Melero and Ernesto Silva also participated.

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