translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Professionalism first and foremost: He dropped a tooth live and kept giving the news as if nothing

Marichka Padalko lost a tooth exactly while she was broadcasting the news, in her role as host, a situation that could have frozen anyone, but she quietly took the defecting piece with her hand and continued reading the news as if nothing. After the fact, which evidently generated a wave of comments, he explained the situation in an Instagram post and thanked for the support messages received. In the instance he stated that «Honestly, I thought it was going to go unnoticed,» but I underestimated the level of attention of those who see us,» Said Padalko, who further explained that it was a tooth that about 10 years ago had broken the product of an accidental blow from his daughter with a metal watch, and that recently he went to the dentist to fix it , putting on a new one. The problem, assumed with a good degree of sense of humor, was that he did not correctly follow all the advice of the dentist, for example, that he did not bite any food with the tooth in question until the treatment was finished. «This is probably my most curious experience in 20 years as a presenter,» she wrote. «The live broadcast is wonderful because it’s always unpredictable,» she added in her Instagram post, in which she also recalled how in 2013 she saw live footage of the footage in which her husband was arresting her during a protest in Kiev or how a dog suddenly came to set up on set on a show and started licking his leg. Regarding the viralization of the video at the moment, the presenter noted that «I was personally impressed by the amount of support I received, both in the comments and in the personal messages. Friends, thank you very much,» Padalko wrote. And «In any situation, stay calm,» he advised.

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