translated from Spanish: Government and Servel agreed that constitutional plebiscite will be held in a single day

The Intersectorial Working Table for a Safe Plebiscite met this afternoon and concluded that the plebiscite will be held in a single day: on 25 October. Thus, the possibility of it running in two days is left behind. In the instance coordinated by the Electoral Service, the ministries of the Interior, Public Health, Segpres and Finance, as well as representatives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Carabineros and Dipres, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Servel, Patricio Santamaría Mutis, also participated, and provided details of the decision. «We have worked at a cross-sectoral table where the focus has been on the health security of voters. Analysed the various factors of security, health in the context of pandemic and the tradition of impeccable electoral processes carried out by our country, it was determined to carry out the National Plebiscite 2020 in one day, on October 25,» he said. He added that «one factor of analysis was to maintain the integrity of the process, since guarding approximately 45,000 ballot boxes overnight is a challenge that has not been implemented in international experience today. 92% of countries vote in one day and this criterion has been thus established as a guarantee for citizens.» Thus, when the «Health Protocol for a National Plebiscite 2020 Safer» is established, the Electoral Service will initiate a communication campaign.

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