translated from Spanish: 5 weekend premieres: 4 Argentines and one Russian

From today the film billboard is renewed with 5 films that will be available on streaming platforms and for 3 of the premieres are of Argentine production, one is a co-production between Spain; Argentina and Venezuela and a Russian film. ME, TEEN

With the premiere date of July 23 and with the direction of Lucas Santa Ana, and own screenplay based on the novel by Zabo, and the participation of Renato Quattordio, Malena Narvay, Gerónimo Giacondo Bosnia and Thomás Lepera.It shows us a year in the life of Zabo, a boy who goes through the suicide of a friend, the tragedy of Cromañon and his frustrations , narrated on his blog: «I, Teen». The film will be seen on TV on Thursday at 22, and from Friday at 9 for Play for free for a week. A FARAWAY PLACE

A co-production between Argentina-Spain and Venezuela. It is the story of a photographer looking for a dream photo of a place he does not know, while fighting cancer and, between dreams and delusions, finds within it the cure for the evils that afflict it. The film is directed by José Ramón Novoa, and features performances by Erich Wildpred, Mariela Mendoza and Marcela Kloosterboer.Se will be seen on Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th on TV, and from Friday 24th to 9th by Play, free for a week. Silvia

It’s a documentary is a failed attempt to rebuild her mother’s life, through home movies, into a story full of omissions, violence and denial. With vague memories of her sisters and blurry images of vague memories. Directed by María Silvia Esteve, and presented at several festivals, you can see it in the Puentes de Cine portal. «CORTAZAR & ANTIN: ILLUMINATED LETTERS»

A young Manuel Antín meets Julio Cortázar, and his letters cross the Atlantic.The filmmaker puts himself at the forefront of three films based on stories by the author of famous writer, generating a contribution of ideas that breaks the mold of his time. The direction is by Cinthya Rajschmir, according to a screenplay of Hers and Alejandra Marino, edition of Liliana Nadal, with appearances by Manuel Antín, Ponchi Morpurgo, Ricardo Aronovich and Graciela Borges.Se will see on Saturday 25 at 18, on Sunday 26 at 6 and at 12 by TV. Submerged

A young architect wakes up after an accident in a parallel world created by his unconscious in a coma, and in this new reality, he earns a gift and joins a group in the same situation to fight for his life and seek a way out into the real world. It is directed by Nikita Argunov, with performances by Rinal Mukhametov, Lyubov Aksyonova, Anton Pampushnyy and Milos Bikovic. And it will be viewed on Google Play and the Apple Store from Friday 24th.

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