translated from Spanish: Calls Toño Madriz to generate educational schemes for marginalized sectors in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán. – In referring that the start of the school year has been thought only in a virtual way, the local deputy Antonio Madriz Estrada called on the authorities of Michoacán to generate an educational scheme that includes the marginalized and rural sectors that do not reach access to technological tools.
This in the context of the announcement of the extension of the start of the next school year in person, this due to the Pandemic of Covid-19, which has left in the entity, 9 thousand 555 positive cases.
For the president of the Committee on Education in the State Congress, it has been thought to start classes only in person, because there is no pedagogical model based on virtual platforms to teach.
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«We can’t think about saying that it will start using virtual platforms, firstly because there is no pedagogical model in which the teacher can generate a virtual learning climate, that is facilitated more in students of more advanced ages, but in preschool, elementary, secondary children, it becomes complex.»
The legislator recalled that there are about 48 per cent of multi-grade schools in the Michoacan entity, amid marginalized communities with poverty, and stressed that the biggest challenge for educational authorities is for students in those areas to access digital tools to enable them to continue their classes.
«What about those students who were excluded at the end of the school year? We cannot generally schemes where the right to education is guaranteed. You have to see the mechanism all over them and they are excluded, regardless of when the cycle starts.»
In addition to the above, he mentioned that another complication is that it has also not been defined what kind of content can be addressed from the virtual.

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