translated from Spanish: They will be asked for life imprisonment for detainee for Julieta Del Pino femicide

One of the prosecutors involved in the case of Juliet del Pino’s femicide, anticipated that when the case goes to trial they will ask for «perpetual prison for the only one arrested by the act». The 19-year-old was found murdered last Sunday at the bottom of the house where Romero, the accused, resides, in the town of Berabevú, located 160 kilometers from Rosario. «Based on the evidence we will continue to work to obtain a criminal penalty with a life sentence for the defendant Cristian Romero,» prosecutor Matías Merlo told Radio FM 105 of the town of Chañar Ladeado.Merlo, along with his colleague Susana Pepino, investigating the crime of Julieta Del Pino (19), who was killed last Saturday in the town of Berabevú , located 160 kilometers from Rosario.De according to the autopsy report, the girl was beaten and the cause of death was «choke,» the Public Prosecution Ministry (MPA) reported. During Monday’s accountable hearing, prosecutor Merlo said, «We credited that the defendant first punched Juliet in the face and then strangled her in the asphyxiation death.» The prosecutor explained that the detainee was charged with «qualified homicide by two circumstances: by the link, on the grounds that while he did not have a formal relationship, he did have a sporadic romantic relationship with the victim. He also clarified that the young woman locked her cell phone and then unlocked it two days before the crime. The other aggravatingness is because of the context of gender-based violence. The prosecutor also cited as elements of pre-trial detention the fact that the now accused «attempted to hinder the investigation, by taking personal belongings from Juliet, the tragic burial of the body in the yard once deceased and the damage done.»

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