translated from Spanish: They took the lives of four men in José Sixto Verduzco, Michoacán

José Sixto Verduzco, Michoacán.- During the early morning of this Sunday, four men were found executed on the road that communicates from the municipal head of Pastor Ortiz towards the town of Arco, in this demarcation of José Sixto Verduzco. The victims had gun projectile injuries to the head and a few yards from the bodies authorities located a Puruándiro taxi.
On the multiple crime it transcended in the reporteric work, which through a citizen complaint, the authorities received the report that lying on the road, there were four apparently lifeless people, which is why the public safety staff were mobilized to the site.
Once in the area the uniforms observed that it was indeed a matter of violence, since the aggrieved people had bullet injuries and lacked vital signs, so they cordoned off the perimeter and gave notice to the State Attorney General’s Office.
It was known that the deceased, all of them of the male sex, are as strangers, one of whom was between 35 and 40 years old, of robust complexion, of light brown complexion, wore a trousers of denim blue and grey T-shirt; another of the finnates is described as approximately 25 to 30 years old, with a thin build, with a padlock beard, which carried blue denim trousers, white T-shirt and red sweatshirt.
While another of the victims was between 25 and 30 years old, also thin complexion, brunette complexion, as a particular sign presents a tattoo on the right arm with the legend «Kenya», he wore a blue denim trousers and wore two T-shirts.
While the fourth man killed was about 35 years old, with a thin complexion, a clear brown complexion, who wore a blue denim trousers,
a black T-shirt with the legend «Levis», which had his hands tied behind his back with a yellow plastic bow.
Similarly, a few meters from the bodies, the agents and experts of the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit secured a vehicle of the public service of the brand Nissan Tsuru, in color, with labels of «Radio Taxi Tarase Puruándiro.
Once the law was concluded, the bodies were transferred to the morgue of the region awaiting their debits to come to claim them, being ignored the probable motive of the multiple homicide, although it is not ruled out that it has related to the dispute between rival criminal groups, who maintain a presence in the area bordering the state of Guanajuato.

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