translated from Spanish: More than 18 million positive covid-19 cases were confirmed worldwide

More than 18 million cases of coronavirus were officially reported worldwide, more than half of them in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a count made on Sunday, August 2 by Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.The most accurate number round at least 18 million 11 thousand 763 cases, of which 687 thousand 941 deaths, have been declared, especially in the United States, the most affected country in the world with four million 657 thousand 693 cases, of which 154 thousand 793 deaths, Brazil (two million 733 thousand 677 cases, 94 thousand 104 deaths) and India (one million 750 thousand 723, 37 thousand 364 deaths).
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Mexico, on the other hand, was positioned on Friday, August 31, with 46,688 deaths and 424,000, contagions confirmed by COVID-19, thus becoming the third country in the world with the most died from the pandemic, behind only the United States and Brazil, according to the account made by the same educational institution mentioned above.

Photo: AFP

The rate of the pandemic continues to accelerate around the world, with a million additional cases detected in less than four days. The numbers reflect a portion of the actual number of cases because many countries use tests only to track or lack resources to conduct mass detection campaigns.How to treat covid-19?
In the face of all the above, a wave of data have emerged in the world that makes it difficult to homogenize acts to combat the infectious disease, as different countries promote different drugs, creating controversy and confusion about which ones actually work and which do not. Studies in Mexico with different drugs revealed that some have benefits against Covid-19, and others do not, said Simon Kawa Karasik, Director General of Coordination of the National Institutes of Health, at a press conference held on August 2 in Mexico City, the country’s capital.

Simon Kawa Karasik, Director General of Coordination, National Institutes of Health/Photo: Courtesy

According to the expert the one who showed no benefits was Tocilizumab, and instead may be of risk because it causes immunosuppression; can reactivate infections such as tuberculosis and worsen the condition of patients with active bacterial infections. Kawa stated that another study showed that the drug remdesivir so far has not proven effective in reducing covid-19 mortality
Shortened recovery time… in adults hospitalized with Covid-19, but did not reduce mortality,” he said.

Regarding hydroxychloroquine, he explained that there is no evidence of its benefits, so its use is not really recommended. Instead, he stressed that the benefits of dexamethasone are demonstrated in hospitalized patients who are severe. The expert indicated that studies with convalescent plasma, as well as other drugs, are currently being carried out to provide in the future more proven information and with evidence to help everyone overcome coronavirus more quickly, or failing that, effectively.

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