translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez met with entrepreneurs

The President of the Nation met on Wednesday afternoon with a group of female entrepreneurs, with which he followed the country’s productive agenda, following meetings with all male entrepreneurs who had kept time back and generated controversy with the civil servants.

No meeting of businessmen and trade unionists with the government is complete without women. We are central to the business, work, creativity and solution-seeking world. We are essential to put Argentina on its feet #EsconTodas — Vilma Ibarra (@VilmaIbarraL)
May 5, 2020

At the meeting, the women congratulated the president on the agreement reached by the government with external creditors on the debt and welcomed the IGJ’s decision that companies incorporated or to be established have gender-based management bodies. Fernández emphasized that women have a different look that can help to find novel solutions» and considered that «it is important that this look is incorporated, because it is broader, more inclusive and rigorous». 

They participated in the meeting by the entrepreneurial sector Paula Altavilla, director for the Southern Cone of Whirpool; Laura Barnator, unilever manager; Dolores Fernández Lobbe, General Manager of Walmart Argentina; Veronica Andreani, director of Andreani; Cecilia Castelli, founder of Todomoda; Carolina Castro, Director of Industries Guidi Autoparts; Jimena Sabor, Director of Biological Synthesis, and Edith Encinas, Secretary of the work cooperative La Cabaña and president of ACTRA Federation.

The officials who accompanied Fernández were the deputy head of Cabinet, Cecilia Todesca Bocco; Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, and presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini.

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