translated from Spanish: President Piñera held meeting with presidents and head of Chile’s party banks

On Monday afternoon, President Sebastián Piñera held a meeting at the Palacio de la Moneda with representatives in the Congress and directives of the Chile Vamos parties.
According to La Tercera, the meeting was attended by the party helmsmen, general secretaries and head of the coalition’ bench. Some were face-to-face and others remotely.
After the meeting, THE President of the PRI, Rodrigo Caramori argued that «we believe that it is important to have these instances, since it is the only means that exists to be able to give all Chileans a better government, especially in these critical moments that lives the world as a result of the pandemic».
He added that «in the case of the PRI we reiterated our willingness to work as a team. Therefore, the call was that all these encounters should be translated and moved from words to concrete deeds.»
He also said that President Piñera called for «dedramatizing the options of the Rejection or Apruebo and focusing on the port we want to reach as Chile Vamos, which is to have a better and modern Magna Carta, either through constitutional reforms that concern the government program or through the constituent process that could take place».

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