translated from Spanish: To avoid what happened in the “Chinese Mall”: mayors of Santiago and Estación Central ask that shopping centers do not open in the phase of “transition”

To avoid a repeat of what happened at the Asia Pacific Shopping Center, in Central Station, the mayor of the commune, Rodrigo Delgado, together with his partner in Santiago, Felipe Alessandri asked the authorities to be closed in the “Transition” phase of the “Step by Step” plan.
In that line, they asked that they only open during phase 3 of the plan, as long as they comply with strict health protocols.
“We do not want the scenes we saw in the Alameda shopping center with Maipú to be repeated elsewhere in the commune or in any other shopping center in the country. That is why we are asking the healthcare authority, that this type of business can operate from stage 3 or Preparation of the Step by Step Plan and as long as strict sanitary protocols are complied with, such as the use of mandatory mask, temperature control at admission, having alcohol gel for customers and dependents and establishing a maximum capacity of each premises and the enclosure as a whole” Alessandri said.
Delgado, meanwhile, urged the authorities to assess the reactivation: “It is urgent to rethink the feasibility of delaying the reopening of these enclosures in phase 3 or 4 of the plan, as it was shown that doing so in transition results in high agglomerations that could pose a significant health risk.”
Delgado also asked the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, to have deferred schedules in wholesale shops.
“You have to do a specific job in that area and that translates into a high simultaneous demand. We understand the urgency of economic revival, but we must be cautious through graduality in the sale,” he concluded.

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