translated from Spanish: At least 380 people evicted by rains in western Mexico

Mexico.- At least 380 people evicted and 40 homes affected have left the rains generated by tropical storm Hernán on their journey off the coasts of western Mexico, on Thursday the authorities Local and municipal authorities of the state of Jalisco and the Mexican Army evicted 185 people from the community of El Rebalse, although most moved with relatives and only seven to one shelter.
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Another 200 people were evicted from the town “Lo Arado” where at least 40 homes were affected by the rains, the authorities of Jalisco pointed out in a statement. The Manzanillo-Cihuatlán road was completely closed at the height of the Naranjos community in Colima, due to the overflow of a stream due to the rains generated by tropical storm Hernán.
The rains caused rocks and mud to collapse on at least two roads, one of which was obstructed by a undercavon that forced the partial closure of the route, the authorities explained. In the state of Colima, bordering Jalisco, the rains caused the Santiago River to overflow, forcing the authorities to evict dozens of people from various communities in Manzanillo, the local Civil Protection office reported.

Estimated tour of Tropical Storm Hernán/AFP

The governor of Colima, Ignacio Peralta, confirmed on his Twitter account that several municipalities had been affected by storm rainfall. The Federal Electricity Commission confirmed that 589 of its workers have undertaken work to restore power to the states of Michoacán, Colima and Jalisco, following the Passage of Hernán.
The Weather Service (SMN) reported in its most recent bulletin that Hernán is located west-southwest of Cape Corrientes (Jalisco) with sustained winds of 65 kilometers per hour with streaks of 85 kilometers per hour and a travel speed of nine kilometers per hour to the northwest. Hernán’s cloud bands cause extraordinary rains in Jalisco and Colima, as well as torrential in Nayarit and Michoacán.

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