translated from Spanish: What Vico D’Alessandro said about the romance rumor with Ernestina Pais

The romance version between Ernestina Pais (48) and Vico D’Alessandro (36) dates back to the 2014 summer theatrical season in Carlos Paz, when the journalist was part of the cast of “Women’s Family” while the gallant did “The Crazy Grimaldi”. When Ernestina was consulted about it, recently, in Los Angeles in the Morning, she clarified: “It is today that Vico is a friend. I’m always going to say he’s a friend and he’s never going to come out of my mouth. With Vico we had fun one summer, had a great time. It was the year Nazarena Vélez produced Women’s Family… But it was a mix-up.” Obviously the actor couldn’t be oblivious to the subject and in an interview with, he said, “I can’t tell anything, she’s a friend and of course you have to understand that those things always get on the side that suits them best. It’s perfect. Ernestina was always a friend of mine. We crossed in season as one meets a lot of people and… laughter, but nothing else. We have a very good bond, I love Black and I have no more to say.”

He added: “We didn’t work together, but we crossed in season in Cordoba when I went to do a play with Rodolfo Ranni and Miguel Angel Rodríguez. Obviously, you guys are with people you’re cool with, we were laughing, we were dating Miguel Angel Rodríguez, José María Muscari, Ernestina. Theatre seasons are the things I like the most. You do theater and go out later for dinner with your mates. Cordoba is a province I love. We had a great time.”

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