translated from Spanish: Rosario closes all its activities at 7.30pm

The health authorities of Santa Fe determined that from this Saturday all the activities of the cities of Rosario, Firmat and Venado Tuerto must close from 19:30, to stop the growth of cases in the region. The measure, announced on Friday by Governor Omar Perotti on a day in which Santa Fe added 507 new cases, with a total of 6,741, also covers the Gran Rosario and the department of General López.
All activities must close at 19.30 and exceptions will be only pharmacies and take away or delivery service. Governor Omar Perotti met before the announcement with the mayors of the localities where he is most concerned about the growth of contagions, including that of Rosario, Pablo Javkin.   

«We want to communicate changes because in recent days the contagion rate has accelerated. We want this large agglomerate to remain careful and with a proper «health response», the provincial representative said.
Despite the situation, the Government of Saint-Confesses and the Rosarine agreed to have recreational walks with distance and beard, since the goal is not to «avoid circulation» but to crowds.

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