translated from Spanish: Woman survives after falling on a steel bar that pierced her chest in China

China.- A construction worker in China has deceived a certain death after a 78-centimeter steel rod pierced her body from behind during a horrific accident. The woman, known by her surname Xiang, had the metal bar sticking out of her right shoulder after falling on it from a 10-meter-high platform on a construction site in China’s southern Guangdong province.
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She miraculously survived the incident after doctors performed a three-hour operation to remove the pole that prevented her vital organs and major blood vessels.

Ms. Xiang was working at a construction site on Thursday when she accidentally fell from a height, according to a report from Guangdong’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Later, the worker told reporters that her blood «was sprouting like a fountain before I realized what was going on.» The woman was rushed to Guangdong Hospital after her colleagues cut the metal bar for transport from the construction site.

After examining the patient, doctors found that most of the post had pierced the woman’s body, but not her vital organs and major blood vessels.» The operation went smoothly. He was lucky to have avoided the large blood vessels in his lungs and chest. «Even though there was some bleeding, we repaired it quickly after taking out the pole,» said a doctor. Ms Xiang is said to be in stable condition while recovering at Guangdong hospital.

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Original source in Spanish

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