translated from Spanish: Daniel Jadue: «I didn’t say I want to be President. There’s the municipal election, to which I go to re-election»

The mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, granted an interview, in which he assured that he has not run for president, arguing that there is an «antocomunism» in some sectors of the opposition, but believes that unity will be achieved so as not to «give him a second government on the right.» In conversation with La Tercera, Jadue stated that «I have not said that I want to be President, nor has my party nominated me as a candidate to this day, and that, moreover, will not happen in the immediate future, because there are steps to take. I mean, he’s first on October 25th. No presidential discussion is justified before the plebiscite. But there’s also the municipal election, to which I go to re-election.» In the same line, he added that «it is first on October 25th. No presidential discussion is justified before the plebiscite. But there’s also the municipal election, to which I go to re-election.» The communal chief argued that «the impact my statements have have on account of what the country is experiencing. We have a government destroyed, with its sector completely divided. Moreover, with serious problems because of its mis management of the pandemic, without wanting to leave it, because it fears the resurgence of the October revolution and, on the other hand, sees an opposition where a part of it, which has also been responsible for reaching October 18, because it has ruled for 20 years, has failed to capitalize on any of the problems of the government.» However, the mayor of Recoleta believes that «the minute of the unit will come. After a period when everyone tries to strengthen their own possibilities, the minute will come where everyone sits at the table and you will see if we are available to give you a second government on the right or give you an alternative.» This, through as broad a primary as possible, to let citizens manifest their will by choosing both the political project and the face that generates more confidence,» he added. However, Jadue questioned that «the same people who today say that we (PC) are not a unit factor have come several times to ask for the votes of the Communists so that they can win an election. It is striking that some may join with the Communists when it is up to us to vote for them, but that they cannot join the Communists when it is their turn to vote for us. That’s finally going to be assessed by the public. I think it’s a little double standard, a little hypocritical.» He also stated that «there is an anti-communism in leaders of the centre-left. In leaders, not in sectors. It is super likely that the public had an anti-communist bias as they left the dictatorship, because of the campaign that made the dictatorship, of physical and political extermination of the PC, which was prolonged in some sectors of the Concertation after the formal term of the dictatorship, but the citizens have already ceased to believe that campaign.» On the other hand, Jadue addressed the criticisms of the president of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, after he raised a plebiscite for the population to decide whether or not to give a way out to the sea to Bolivia.» I would send herald to learn what democracy is. I am fully aware that the ruling does not force Chile to negotiate. I did not propose to give Bolivia sea, I gave my opinion and I have always been in favour of solving with our neighbors all the outstanding problems,» he said. In the same sense, the communal authority noted that «beyond the ruling, Bolivians still feel that there is something pending, and if we want regional integration and form an economic bloc that can compete with the others of the world, we will have to be pleased in some minute.» What I have said and which Herald did not read, because it seems that it is not very good to read, is that topics of that relevance must be resolved by the citizens (plebiscite) and that there does not matter the opinion of the leader. That’s what the Herald has never been willing to do, he doesn’t seem to like it very much for citizens to decide,» he said.

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