translated from Spanish: Ritondo talked about the security plan: «It’s not clear what it’s going to be»

Cristian Ritondo, former Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires during the tenure of María Eugenia Vidal, referred to the Security Plan presented by Alberto Fernández on Friday at Quinta de Olivos.» It’s unclear what the security plan is going to be. But I didn’t hear anything about drug trafficking, which is the mother and father of all crimes in the Province of Buenos Aires,» said the head of the PRO block in Deputies.
Ritondo delve defunded in the details of the Plan presented by Fernández together with Governor Axel Kicillof, mayors and ministers: «When they announce the entry of 10 thousand policemen I am afraid that they have no vocation and that the policy of the six months of training will return,» he said. Finally, the former Minister of Vidal asserted that it has to be «not a ribbon cut, but a comprehensive reform» and highlighted the policies carried out during his management, such as the purchase of vests and technological equipment. The answer to Cafiero
The nation’s chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, received Ritondo’s response following his phrase in which he attributed to Mauricio Macri and Vidal the housing deficit in the province of Buenos Aires.» We started making sewers and gas connections. The resources they are using to combat the pandemic are from the management of María Eugenia Vidal,» Ritondo said.

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