translated from Spanish: Patricia Manterola’s message to Xavier Ortíz, his ex-wife, to fire him

Mexico. Singer Patricia Manterola writes on Instagram a moving message to fire Xavier Ortíz, who was her ex-wife. Manterola and Ortíez were married between 1999 and 2004, and upon learning of his death, through his social networks he reacts to his death. Manterola alludes with his message to Xavier’s affection in his time of friendship and to the love he professed to him when they were in marriage in which they had no children. The couple, after divorcing, never went into detail about the reasons for their divorce.
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You are already in the arms of your beautiful mommy whom you missed so much… From here I hug your family very hard,» said Paty Mnaterola (Photo: Instagram@patriciamanterola)

Instagram photo

Thus I will always remind you dear Xavi, with that smile that infected all of us who were pleased to cross your path… Always with your heart so noble and sensitive, with that desire to help anyone who asked you, with those crystalline eyes that they could not hide your feelings, with that immense love for your son…», writes Manterola.

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You are already in the arms of your beautiful mommy whom you missed so much… From here I hug very very strongly your family, Rafa, olguita, Lety, Dany, Xavi Jr and everyone… I am terribly sorry GOOD RETURN TRIP TO HOME WANTED TO XAVI! Rest in peace.»

Instagram photo

And to the publication of Manterola, other artists react such as Chantal Andere, Suzie del Vecchio and Luisa Fernanda, send condolences to Xavier’s family and are disbelievers of the news of his death. 
I’M SPEECHLESS. My deepest condolences and a hug full of affection for the whole Ortiz Ramírez family, for my colleagues in the Gairbaldi Group who are also a family and little Javi tell him that his father was very happy since his arrival in this world,» writes Luisa Fernanda, who was part of Garibaldi along with Xavier.

Katia Llanos, former immigrant of the same group, writes that this Monday is one of the saddest days of her life and is left with the beautiful memories she spent with Xavier, at that time of Garibaldi. «Thank you for being a part of my Life Javi, thank you for being more than a companion, we were brothers. I’m asking for your journey to the fountain to be magical. We’re going to miss you rabbit,» he published. Sergio Mayer, Xavier’s friend, on monday afternoon shared the news of Xavier’s death via Twitter. 

Xavier Ortíz with some of Garibaldi’s ex-partners. Instagram photo

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Original source in Spanish

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