translated from Spanish: Prince Royce was discharged for coronavirus and donated plasma: “Please help”

Already discharged after having been coronavirus, the artist Prince Royce shared with his followers that he donated plasma to contribute to studies and development and prevention using the antibodies that are generated.

“I recently donated plasma and blood after getting better from COVID-19,” the singer said through his official Instagram account with a video that records the moment and after commenting that it took him “six weeks and seven nasal tests to receive two negative results.” I share my story so that those who have had the virus please help as much as they can and donate plasma. A donation could save up to three lives! Blessings to all,” he said.

Prince Royce had publicly reported that he contracted the virus in early July, when he mentioned that the result of the study took it by surprise, because of the care he believes he had during quarantine to prevent contagion. “I thought taking precautions when washing my hands and wearing a mask would be enough, but it wasn’t. I share this for you today to ask you from the bottom of my heart that please do not let our guard down, this virus is real and we may be infecting others without even knowing that we have it,” he said at that time.
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