translated from Spanish: Reactivation Plan: BNE to publish nearly 250,000 job openings

The Ministers of Labour, María José Zaldívar; Alfredo Moreno, and Housing and Urban Planning, Felipe Ward, announced that the National Employment Exchange (BNE) will be the hub for centralizing the supply and demand for employability of new economic revival contracts for concessions, as well as for the procurement of goods and services. The initiative is part of the “Plan Paso a Paso Chile recovers”, which includes an investment of more than US$ 34 billion, in more than 2,500 projects, which will generate about 250 thousand jobs in the period 2020-2022, in areas such as the construction of homes, roads, ports and airports, hydraulic works and rural drinking water. In addition, the expansion and improvement of the Santiago metro and the railway network, urban and inter-region transport.” As a Government we want to enhance all the instruments we have to recover from the serious consequences left to us by this pandemic. These months have been distressing for thousands of Chilean workers and their families, and that is why we want to facilitate their search, making easily and quickly available, in one place, the jobs that we generate. My call is to review the site and to apply for these jobs that are urgently needed,” said Labour Minister Maria José Zaldívar.The agreement signed between the three Secretariats of State will begin to govern immediately and last for two years, automatically extendable for equal and successive periods. The Minister of Public Works, Alfredo Moreno, highlighted the historic investment effort of this plan. “Never before in the history of Chile have we had a level of public investment like the one we will have from the end of this year, next year and 2022. It is the normal investment plus US$4.5 billion in roads, bridges, housing subsidies, parks, water infrastructure works, among others and all those constructions have a central objective: employment, employment and employment,” he said. He also noted that “what we are doing today with the Ministry of Labour through this National Employment Exchange is a key element in making available to people the jobs that will be created in all the communes of the country there are works from the far north in Arica in the Altiplano to even antarctica. We have works on Easter Island, in the mountain range throughout Chile and in all regions.” For his part, the Minister of Housing, Felipe Ward, recalled that the main turn of his portfolio “is the construction of housing, there is a significant deficit in quantitative and qualitative matters and that is what these additional resources that reach, specifically, the ministry allows to counter”. He added that in the area of urban works “we have developed a work together with the municipalities and with different entities and that is very good news for those of us who are looking to generate jobs. What the President has asked us to do is to be the main axis, so we appreciate the invitation led by the Minister, in which we participate as sectoral ministries, under the motto of being able to generate more jobs and bring this to all the communes of the country.” The BNE is a free and dependent service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which currently has 9,500 job openings available, including 15,000 vacancies or jobs (a job offer can have only one vacancy, as well as a single job offer can have 50 vacancies or more) and which has 2,831,707 registered users. The service is for both job seekers and companies that want to publish job offers. To enter you only need a Ruth, passport or id of the country of origin. In the case of employers, the BNE offers a candidate search module, where you can access the entire base of enrolled applicants and carry out searches segmented by region, commune, experience, educational level and language, among other things.

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