translated from Spanish: Video: the controversial Chilean advertising that puts Argentina as a “bad example”

Chilean advertising angry Argentines for using the country as a “bad example.” It is a propaganda made by “Reject” aimed at the reform of the Constitution that will be held on October 25th. In these images, two Chilean passengers are seen who get in a taxi in buenos Aires and, in the talk, compare Chile to Argentina and do so in a very derogatory way. 

Listening to the tone of the passengers, the taxi driver recognizes his country of origin and highlights: “How they’ve been moving forward lately, it’s all nice over there.” Here it is not well understood what happened, they were the best Latin American country, growing and growing, and suddenly….”, continues to comment the Argentine. Faced with the passenger’s response, who explains that there are many things to improve, the driver lashs out again: “You were always better off than us, historically. Always.”” You didn’t go hungry, you didn’t have five presidents in a week, the inflation how much? 3, 4 percent a year? At most. We 50% in a year! Don’t go back,” the driver argues. Proponents of “rejection” are grouped into the country’s most conservative sectors and argue that changing the Constitution in Chile could have consequences that de-stabilize the nation, so they choose to make changes without changing it altogether.

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