translated from Spanish: Coronavirus worldwide: more than 30 million cases recorded

The planet surpassed 30 million COVID-19 contagions on Thursday, more than half of cases in a small group of countries: the United States (6,669,322), India ( 5,118,253) and Brazil ( 4,419,083). In total, 30,003,378 cases. In this context, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed – on Thursday – its concern at the “alarming” rate of coronavirus transmission in Europe, facing a resurgence of this pandemic which is also causing a flagrant increase in the gap between rich and poor.” The September figures should serve as an alarm for all of us” on the continent, where the number of cases is higher than those recorded in March and April, said from Copenhagen the director for the region of the international organization, Hans Kluge.La UN agency also expressed concern about the cut in quarantine time decided or planned in some European countries , like France, and stated that it continues to recommend 14-day isolation for all people who have come into contact with the virus. The United States remains the most pandemic-scouring country, with nearly 197,000 deaths and more than 6.6 million contagions. New York City had to postpone again the widespread reopening of schools scheduled for next Monday and exchange it for a stage scheme. The return to schools became a headache for authorities around the world, and since New York has the largest school district in the country, with 1.1 million students, the face-to-face start would mean a large increase in displacement and could mean an uptick in cases, which the state managed to keep low and contained since July. On the contrary, in the city of San Pablo, the largest city in Brazil and South America and one of the focuses of the pandemic, today it was announced that, from October 7, the conventional face-to-face classes in higher and university education, and of support and extracurricular activities in gardens and primary and secondary schools. In Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, authorisation for the return to the powers was determined last night by the Regional Court of Justice, the highest regional court, although at the moment there is no implementation of the measure. In San Pablo, the decision was announced by the Mayor of Paulista, the centre-rightist Bruno Covas, candidate for re-election in the municipal elections of November 15 despite the rejection of the decision of the teachers’ unions and 81% of the population, according to the surveys. Return is mandatory only for the university and tertiary community but not for students who do not want to attend extra or support course classes in both public and private schools. America overcomes the barrier of Covid-19’s 15 million cases, while South Asia ranks as the second most affected region, with 5.7 million cases, followed by Europe, about to exceed 5 million and with figures of new daily positives (about 50,000) already surpassing those of the first wave in March and April , according to the World Health Organization (WHO), reviewed the EFE news agency. Five Latin American countries are on the list of the ten most beaten nations: Brazil (third with 4.3 million cases), Peru (fifth with 738,000), Colombia (sixth with 728,000), Mexico (seventh with 676,000) and Argentina (tenth with 577,000). Recovered patients are close to 22 million and severe or critical cases rose slightly, but still account for only 1%, the WHO report added.
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