translated from Spanish: For Student Day Mendoza returns to Phase 1

The Government of Mendoza arranged a return to Phase One for two days throughout the provincial territory to avoid conglomerations of people for Student Day, a date that historically is celebrated massively in different parks and squares. The measure provides for prohibitions on movement, suspension of all activities in public spaces and heavy fines for those who do not comply with the rules.” The governor of the province will issue a decree on the day of the date on which some measures have been issued for the weekend and the following. It will absolutely restrict circulation throughout the territory of the province from 16 hours on Sunday 20 to 5:30 on Tuesday 22″, warned the Minister of Government, Labor and Justice of Mendoza, Víctor Ibañez.In addition, from 7 Saturday 19 September to 5:30 on Tuesday 22 all activities in public spaces such as parks will be suspended , squares and green spaces. He warned, “in these two days you will only be able to circulate and carry out activities related to medical emergencies, health and safety services, as well as home delivery services, commuter businesses, pharmacies and service stations.” In addition, the frequency of public transport between Sunday and Monday will be reduced to 40%. In the event that the rules are not met, “a fine penalty of 10 thousand pesos was imposed for those who violate the time restrictions and 50 thousand pesos for owners of premises or real estate where activities are not permitted”, detailed by the Minister.

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