translated from Spanish: Indictment of Judge Donoso would not reach quorum in the Senate: voted this Thursday in the courtroom

On Wednesday, the Senate began analyzing the constitutional indictment against the Minister of the Court of Appeals of Valparaiso, Silvana Donoso, for her responsibility as chair of the commission that granted the freedom to Hugo Bustamante, imputed as the author of the brutal femicide of the teenage amber Cornejo.
In the morning, the Special Committee of Deputies and the defendant’s defence were heard, while in the afternoon, senators substantiated their vote. The 22 hours was the deadline for the vote, but everything indicates that it will happen tomorrow.
Despite this, it can already be said that, contrary to what happened in the Chamber of Deputies, the indictment will be rejected in the Senate.
Senators Luz Ebensperger (UDI), Carlos Bianchi (IND), Juan Pablo Letelier (PS), Alejandro Guillier (IND), Isabel Allende (PS), Claudio Alvarado (UDI), Francisco Huenchumilla (DC), Alejandro Navarro (PRO), Rabindranath Quinteros (PS), Pedro A Jorge Pizarro (DC), Adriana Muñoz (PPD), Carlos Montes (PS), José Miguel Insulza (PS), Carmen Gloria Aravena (IND), Felipe Harboe (PPD), Jaime Quintana (PPD), Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI) and Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD). All of them have rejected.
Only Senator Ivan Moreira (UDI) has expressed their intention to approve it.
Add to this the inability of Guido Girardi, Francisco Chahuán and Manuel José Ossandón.
Therefore, there are 20 votes in favour of the rejection of the libel and one in favour, so the result is irreversible, since the 22 votes necessary to approve the libel are not reached.
In this way, the minister of the Court of Appeals of Valparaiso would be taking a possible sanction, after being constitutionally charged for remarkable abandonment of duties and for transgressing international treaties.

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