translated from Spanish: After Lola Latorre’s sayings, Nacha Guevara spoke of her health

After the controversy that was generated from a joke that Lola Latorre tried to make saying that Lucas Spadafora, his partner at the 2020 Singing, “trembles a little to the Nacha Guevara”, the jury of the contest spoke about her health.” Following all these comments that there have been in recent days about my health, those who really want to know can go to my Instagram that I have posted right now a video to clarify that because I don’t want to take too much time here. For those who aren’t aware, I want you to know that for about a month and a half, a version of me was shaking began to circulate,” Nacha began to say when she asked drivers for the floor.
“And in the wake of an unfortunate comment, but I think I’m unintentional about Lola Latorre, that led to a point where I have to clear up something that went off in the nets, in the right media and everywhere. The technical explanation is on my Instagram. But what I want is to reflect for a moment on what happens to false information, serial haeers and poison sown; that assuming I was sick, the first thing they do is mock, memes, insult, have bad desires,” he added.” That hurts. And not just me, but also my family and my friends who want to know what’s going on. So a little more empathy because making fun of someone who thinks they’re sick is the biggest low. To all those people, whether anonymous or public, I’m just going to do and say one thing: buy yourself a life, people. Nothing else. Thank you,” he said and then fucked you on camera. And he closed: ‘Of course no one called me. They invent and commit to production and say they were the ones who confirmed it. There’s also the radio aisle, which is the gossip of everyone who’s around one. Buy yourself a life, boys… and stop fucking around.”

What does the Instagram video say?
“When I do this (move my head slightly) it is conscious, it is voluntary, because if it would not happen to me always and I could not stop doing it. In general, it happens to me when I’m about to decide something, when I don’t know what to do. For example, before I make a video that I don’t yet have very clear where I want to go or want to be concise, complete, say it all, and I have limited time, it happens to me,” Nacha Guevera clarified in a video she posted on her Instagram account. “When I’m at the Singing, it happens to me that I look at certain things, some of them so ugly, and I try to figure out how I can deal with it, how to talk to the other without offending or disqualifying it. It’s like when I have a little dilemma that happens to me, but don’t worry. If I had a disease, I really don’t know what I’d do. I would decide at the time what to do with that, because that belongs to everyone. And everyone has the right to do with it as they please. So stay calm, my palms,” he added. And he thanked the affection of many: “You go after everything, for accompanying me, the greetings, for being there, for the affection, the trust. They’re a nice company. Thanks a lot. I’m not going to get excited, I’m not going to cry. But it’s a nice emotion, believe me.”

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