translated from Spanish: Deputies approve giving the Navy control of ports

With 263 votes in favour, 85 against and 43 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies generally approved the reform for the Ministry of the Navy (Semar) to control all ports in the country, despite opposition party accusations about the militarization of the facilities.

#ÚltimaHora With 263 votes in favour, 85 against and 43 abstentions, the opinion reforming the Organic laws of the Federal Public Administration, Maritime Navigation and Trade, and Ports is generally adopted. Start the discussion in particular.
— Chamber of Deputies (@Mx_Diputados) October 1, 2020

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The objective of the reform proposed by Morena is to assign to the maritime authority new powers, such as exercising in Mexican marine areas, coasts, ports, port enclosures, terminals, marinas and national port facilities, as well as, where appropriate, national waters where activities of its competence are carried out.
In addition, tasks to prevent marine pollution caused by ships or naval artifacts, as well as the pouring of waste and other materials into the sea, other than that of wastewater.
Regulate communications and transport by water; formulate and conduct policies and programmes for their development, according to the needs of the country and lead merchant nautical education; promote and organize the merchant navy, as well as establish the requirements to be met by its technical staff, and grant the respective licences and authorizations.
Also, grant permits for the establishment and operation of services related to communications and transport by water with vessels or naval artifacts.
The reassigned functions of origin were part of the optional catalogue of the Ministry of Communications and Transport.
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During the vote, DEPUTY Fernando Torres del PAN said he was against the initiative in considering that this reform aims to take steps in militarization.
Mr Cruz Juvenal Roa of the PRI believed that commissioning administrative activities beyond his nature to the Navy would only contribute to the Secretariat of Communications and Transport and increase discretion and lack of transparency.
For his part, Armando Reyes, deputy of the PT, said that his bench would vote in favor of reform because no other government had had the courage to confront corruption.
Juanita Guerra Mena, deputy for Morena, argued that the Ministry of the Navy is synonymous with honesty and loyalty, noting that the reform seeks to strengthen security measures in maritime areas according to global standards.
The opinion reforming the Organic Laws of the Federal Public Administration, Maritime Navigation and Commerce and Ports was given to the Senate for analysis.
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