translated from Spanish: IJUM opens photo exhibition «Young people through the lens»

home Morelia IJUM opens photo exhibition «Young people through the lens»

Morelia, Mich. – The exhibition will be from 2 to 9 October at the Clavijero Cultural Center.
Through a statement, the Government of Morelia headed by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, through the Instituto de la Juventud Moreliana IJUM invites you to the photographic exhibition «Youth Through the Lens» that will present the 10 most representative photographs results of the contest with the same name and that will be at the Cultural Center Clavijero from October 2 to 9 of this year.

In order to promote the art and talent of young Morelians, thanks to the collaboration of the Foto Viva school and the Clavijero Cultural Center, the photographic contest «Youth through the Lens», with which it was possible to convene creative youth from all over the municipality resulting in images carefully chosen by photography experts.

With this, the Municipal Government reaffirms its support for the cultural and artistic development of the Young Morelians, so that they have the necessary motivation on the part of government institutions for their professional and personal impulse. #JuntosTransformamosMorelia

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