translated from Spanish: The trial against Chocobar began: he wants to be judged by a popular jury

Luis Chocobar began trial on Friday for murdering in 2017 a thief who repeatedly stabbed a tourist in the neighborhood of La Boca.La defense of the Police again called for the suspension of the trial with a new appeal to request that it be developed under the modality of jury trial. Together with Chocobar, the juzagdo composed of Fernando Pisano, Jorge Apolo and Adolfo Calvete will arbitrate about the fate of Juan Pablo Kukoc’s accomplice, a young man who was 17 at the time of the robbery and was arrested for the “attempted criminis causa homicide”.

Chocobar was greeted with applause by a group of protesters who placed on the fences of the entrance to the judicial building a series of posters with legends such as “Not a policeman less” and “putting order is not repression”. Speaking to the press upon arriving in the courts of Retiro, the defendant’s lawyer, Fernando Soto, justified his intention for a jury trial and set as an example the cases of physician Villar Cataldo and butcher Daniel “Billy” Oyarzún, both acquitted after murdering thieves.

“I am sure that a normal technical court would have convicted you both of them of over-defense. In the two cases, however, the jury trial unanimously acquitted them. You’re giving a message: we don’t agree on how you judges interpret the law,” Soto said.

There was a criminal who stabbed a citizen 11. There was a policeman who acted to stop him. Chocobar’s trial resumes, I stand next to him and all the cops who risk his life to take care of society. — Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich)
October 9, 2020

Former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich once again expressed support for Luis Chocobar, whom she collaborated with while serving in the Executive Branch: “I stand with him and all the cops who risk his life to care for society,” he wrote on his social media.

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