translated from Spanish: Augusto Barrios: “The championship goes on and you have to keep adding up to three”

Augusto Barrios, a player from the University of Chile, referred to the team’s present in the National Championship, what they expect for the rest of the contest and tomorrow’s duel with Deportes Antofagasta.At a press conference, Barrios stated that “after the Match of Catholic we corrected the errors, with videos, with work, rescuing virtues and correcting errors.” More than sinking into Catholic, we look forward. The championship goes on and we have to keep adding up to three,” he added. In the same line, the player argued that “we had a couple of consecutive defeats. But before that we’d been winning. We beat Serena well. We had patience, one goal came out and then another came out. That gives you confidence and you have to keep showing it to the coming rivals.” Asked by tomorrow’s match against the “pumas”, Barrios stated that “it is a team that bases its attacks by the gangs. I’ve watched Antofagasta Sports matches and studied them a little bit.” We prepare well especially weighing in their attack. We have to be well focused, talk fed up at the game so we don’t give them a chance,” he added. Finally, he felt about the “U”‘s aspirations in the tournament that “our goal is to win. If we let these three points pass, they’ll push us away. It’s a challenge as a campus, as an institution.” It should be remembered that Universidad de Chile visits Sports Antofagasta on Thursday, in a duel for the 15th date of the National Championship, scheduled at 16:00 hours.

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