translated from Spanish: Danna Paola’s look as a reguetonera that shocked everyone

The 25-year-old Danna Paola that we all knew recently is no longer the same, because a change of look in her person that far from disturbing or baffling her fans brings them crazy, as she looks great and her followers let her know in the last image she shared on Instagram, where the young woman appears much more different than when we saw her a few weeks ago at the Youth Awards. It turns out that Danna Paola appeared with a reguetonero outfit with which she said goodbye to her flirtatious side to look a little tougher, because as we already know she is betting everything on the urban genre, because she has focused her musical career on that genre for a long time, if that was not enough the artist has chosen the style of several singers who play that music, that is why with her outfit she said everything. 
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In the image you can see Danna Paola in a beige trouser in addition to a blouse of the same tone, if that were not enough the artist sports much more fitness than before, since her weight loss has been noticed in several publications, but with this looks much more different something that has caused opinions divided among her followers, who have questioned this for a long time.

«If you were red… directly to dock the National Mint and Timbre Factory in Madrid. (the paper house)», «The photo is before or after the dance in the disinfection booth?», «But my girlfriend if she’s beautiful is worth it», «you’re definitely the woman of my life» «There’s nothing left of it, and with that attitude,» Danna Paola wrote.

Now let’s go with Danna Paola’s accessories it is a small bag tied to her waist with which she looked too flirtatious, in addition to her mouth covering that looked too fashionable combining it with the whole set, while her ankle boots made the singer’s outfit stand out first and foremost. Returning a little with the figure of Danna Paola since the quarantine began her fans realized that she began to lose weight and although many loved others prefer the old Danna Paoola who saw in the Elite series with much more curves, but the famous seems not to care because she is happy with her new figure.

Danna Paola with the reguetonera look causes excitement/Instagram

Now let’s go with the hair color of Danna Paola that as you all know she said goodbye to her emblematic chestnut tree to be blonde and this new look has brought her the cutest compliments that a woman could receive, because they have told her that she looks phenomenal with that hair, plus she has been seen with more extroverted hairstyles. But don’t think it’s all honey on flakes for Danna Paola, as she has also received a lot of hate in recent months for a somewhat complicated reason, it’s about the supposed romance she has with Sebastian Yatra, who is said to have left her now ex-girlfriend Tini Stoessel for Danna Paola which has caused a battle between fans of the three singers. It should be mentioned that it is not known whether Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra actually have an affair, but what has been said too much is that Tini Stoessel supposedly sends several hints on social media to Danna Paola, who has preferred to shut up on the subject. One of the things that got out of control on social media about the supposed love triangle was when Sebastian Yatra and Danna Paola collaborated together with the song No Bailes Sola, where they were seen together at all times.

Original source in Spanish

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