translated from Spanish: Martitegui posted a sweet photo of her children: “Glass slows down COVID but not love”

After it became known that Masterchef’s fearsome jury, Germán Martitegui, tested Coronavirus as the chef isolated and absent from the program’s recordings. As it happened this week, he will be replaced in the telefé food reality show by Dolli Irigoyen.Si well he declared to be in good health, the saddest part of the news is that for at least ten days, he must remain isolated from Lorenzo and Lautaro, his children of 18 and 13 months, respectively. Currently all three live in the same household, but in separate environments to avoid any contagion.

“Glass curbs COVID but not love. The Tegui sign behind the window. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their greetings and good wishes. I love you. #lostegui,” Martitegui posted on Instagram on Saturday afternoon, who made hisoopado after El Polaco, the show’s contestant, tested positive.
The renowned chef formed a single-parent family, so he personally takes care of his two children. In several interviews he stated that if anything made him doubt his participation in the contest it was the fact of spending less time with his children.

Recently, in an interview with Cortá por Lozano, he told how he wears isolation at home: “Since Thursday I don’t make contact with them (their children), they’re around the house, I hear them crying, I walk up to a beard and I see them from afar. They don’t understand what’s going on, it’s horrible because they listen to me. I also cut off my old lady’s face who wanted to see me for Mother’s Day. I took all the measures that need to be taken.”

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