translated from Spanish: Anastasia Kvitko’s kitten costume has everyone in love

United States.- The favorite celebration of Russian influencer Anastasia Kvitko, 25 years old is definitely Halloween and can be inferred because it is on this date that she does not miss the opportunity to disguise herself as different characters, as on this occasion she recalled when October 31, 2018 was a tender kitten that left everyone dreaming about her since she shared the photograph in Instagram.La young woman has captivated everyone’s eyes by wearing a tight body black lace and long sleeve with which she showed that she has the best attributes and accompanied him with sneakers of the same color and some kitten ears that made her look very beautiful, as usual.
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In the photograph she shared on her Instagram account, which has reached 214,000 likes, we see her profiling her with her puppy on her arms, as she turns to see how tender she looks in a skull costume she bought her to be dressed for the occasion.

Anastasia Kvitko in a kitten costume leaves everyone dreaming about her. Photo: Instagram

Anastasia left its millions of followers open-mouthed in this outfit, demonstrating why they now recognize her as “the Russian Kim Kardashian.” On another occasion he also dalled in another costume, which was even believed to be part of the world’s most media clan, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, as he sported a body of heart attack, a beauty of envy and a luxury hair. It was last Halloween 2019 that Anastasia managed to fall in love with all her followers by dressing as an angelite, she wore a tight white outfit with which she marked her curves and exposed her enviable attributes. With a very tight bodysuit, a corset, cape, beige leather boots, wings and a ring on her head, the young woman left everyone delighted and dreaming of it for several days after publication. In the photographs, published just on October 31, we see her with her back, front and even profile, showing that all her sides are perfect, plus she wears a blonde, wavy hair that reminds her of that time when the famous sisters of Keeping up with the Kardashian exchanged their dark manes for a blond color with which they fell in love with everyone.

In an angel costume she showed he was the most beautiful. Photo: Instagram

The beautiful Anastasia Kvitko has become a social media celebrity, especially on Instagram, where we see her on trips, walking, with her pets, at home, with some gifts that make her arrive, enjoying sunny days, cooking and even reading some books, so her account is an essential part to get to know her more thoroughly and thus start following her on her social networks. Without a doubt we could say that this is the most beautiful version of the socialite, to whom the women of the world have always taken as great inspiration, this because it is a creditor of unparalleled beauty, a sculptural body, some brands that sell a lot in the world and a family that is always being the center of attention.Who is Anastasia Kvitko , the Russian Kim Kardashian?
Anastasia Kvitko is a model and influencer who, on social media, was christened the “Russian Kim Kardashian”, for the photographs and videos she posts on her Instagram account (where she has 11.7 million followers), in which she shows the sculptural body she has, publications somewhat similar to those of the socialité belonging to the acclaimed Clan Kardashian-Jenner.

Anastasia Kvitko has become a popular social media figure. Photo: Instagram

On several occasions, however, the Russian model has said that she does not like to be compared to entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, as she mentions that Kanye West’s wife “is a long way from me.” Like the Mexican versions of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan socialite, beautiful Anastasiya has been criticized for showing a body on social media that is supposed to be the product of a series of cosmetic surgeries.

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