translated from Spanish: Bellolio reiterates criticism of the second 10% withdrawal: if approved, “it would not be a failure for the government, but for the future of pensions”

Minister-in-Chief Jaime Bellolio again expressed criticism of the project seeking a further withdrawal of 10% of AFPs, ensuring that if approved, “it would not be a failure for the government, but for the future of pensions.”
If this second withdrawal is approved, Bellolio estimates that four million people would run out of account balances.
“It’s hard to think of a progressive model with those figures,” he added.
During his spokes in La Moneda in which he spoke of various contingency issues, Bellolio indicated that “I would invite parliamentarians to review the government’s actions during the pandemic, more than 14 million Chileans have benefited from some government action. Those who criticize that the government is late, the government has already made the efforts.”
In this regard, he warned that Congress should focus on approving pension reform, which remains awaiting progress.
In this context, he criticized the opposition for this delay, accusing a “political smallness” that has prevented its progress.
“If approved, 800,000 people could increase their pensions,” the authority said, noting that “we have tried to reach agreements with the opposition but only receive slams.”
“There are millions of people who have had a terrible time in the pandemic, so we’re looking at thousands of ways to help Chileans, mainly job creation. Continuing to withdraw pension resources hurts current and future pensions, the effort must be put into pension reform,” he said.

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